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Road to SA Victory

Turn Complacency into Urgency

At BBN we believe that the next five years will be crucial years in our country’s history. It could be years that in looking back we will say, if only we did this or did that, things might have been different. Our thinking is that the character of a country is revealed during tough times. This is when people realise that we are much better off if we stand together and take on the challenges head on, as a nation. Fortunately we do have a plan. We have spent the past number of years researching, developing, testing and perfecting an all-South African plan to achieve South Africa’s Inspired Destiny. However, it will take many South Africans to play their part and become the solution for their lives, their family, their community and ultimately South Africa.

Here is a 5 Step Plan:

  1. Make the decision that you will make every day of your life count for something.
  2. Do a Personal Action ‘SWOC’ – Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Challenges analysis. This will set you on the right path quickly. Email your request to and we will send you a free SWOC template.
  3. Get busy. See yourself succeed with every action you take to conquer the challenges you will be facing now and in the future.
  4. Know your calling for your life and develop your passion to achieve it regardless of what others may think, say or do. Your calling will fuel your passion as an unstoppable urgency in your life.
  5. Since your attitude is one that sees the potential in everyone you meet, pay it forward into their lives so that you open the channel to be blessed as you sow.

Join the BBN Community and do the SILT – Smart Impact Leadership Training Workshops that will put you on the track towards becoming a Challenge Champion, a person of influence and action. Complacency will evaporate and a life of focused goals and positive results will increasingly become your daily focus. You may even go on to become a BBN Ambassador for your community and be a strong leadership influence that helps your community achieve the SAVision2020 5-Star Status as a resourceful and resilient community, well able to lead our youth towards achieve their big dreams.

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ACHIEVING THE SA LEGACY VISION of a Safe, High Employment and Prosperous South Africa begins with all of us, our families and communities, one in which all can be part of a definite solution. The challenges of the fast approaching future will mean that we must, as quickly as possible, learn to:

  • Embrace it.
  • Understand it.
  • Prepare for it.
  • Manage it.
  • Benefit from it.

By harnessing the challenges of the future for our benefit, we will begin to position South Africa as the country to emulate one day. We have the people and resources we now need the leadership, vision, mission and practical plans with a track to run on. This book begins the process of putting in place a ‘How’ plan that harnesses the potential of all who are willing. This means exploiting much more of your potential, finding your purpose and growing your passion to achieve your optimum on your way to becoming future smart and future ready. At the same time positively impact the lives of many while helping to build communities where all have hope and scope.