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GOAL – PLAN – DEADLINE. For any undertaking be it your career, a project, a business or even a country to succeed, it must have a Goal, Plan and a Deadline for successful achievement in the shortest possible time.

The GOAL: Establishing a goal is the consequence of careful thought and consideration of all the options at one’s disposal or research. In this respect one would consider short, medium, long and lifetime goals. Naturally one will make changes as progress is made and new knowledge comes to hand. However, without a goal one can be compared to a tumble weed that is blown here and there and everywhere by the wind.

SOUTH AFRICA: In respect of the BBN SAVision2020 5-Star GOAL, we have a definite goal as the result of years of research, development, testing, perfecting and gaining acceptance and endorsements.

The PLAN: Without a plan a goal becomes meaningless. A plan needs to be practical so that it becomes much more than just a hope. This implies much thought and preparation to ensure success. Learning from others can help greatly in this respect. With a strong and practical plan in place, one can immediately focus on moving into action mode.

SOUTH AFRICA: In respect of the BBN SAVision2020 5-Star Plan, we have ensured that it is practical and that all can get involved to be part of a definite solution, from young to senior.

The DEADLINE: Without a deadline to encourage urgency and action, time will be wasted and this often puts achieving the goal at risk. Without action nothing happens, everything that has gone before, in establishing the goal and plan becomes pointless. An urgent deadline works to drive creative thinking and the energy needed for consecutive days of success.

SOUTH AFRICA: In respect of the BBN SAVision2020 5-Star DEADLINE, we have an Urgent DEADLINE. This is so that we have in place a deadline (a definite future date) that, together with the goal and plan, stirs as many South Africans as possible to take up the Challenge for their Community to join the business, public and youth partnership to make our communities centres of employment creation (5-Star Status) by December 2020, or at the very least, do much more than would ordinarily be the case.

To this we must add a Burning Desire to achieve success, growing Personal Confidence in our own abilities and Strong Determination that works to ensure that failure will not be an option.

The ILO – International Labour Organisation has reported that South Africa will slip from 8th highest unemployment to 6th highest by 2020. Our hope is that this will galvanise all our people to take up this challenge and join the BBN Community Success Plan. A plan that is good for our communities, good for our youth and good for business and that also works to leave a legacy for our children and future generations.

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ACHIEVING THE SA LEGACY VISION of a Safe, High Employment and Prosperous South Africa begins with all of us, our families and communities, one in which all can be part of a definite solution. The challenges of the fast approaching future will mean that we must, as quickly as possible, learn to:

  • Embrace it.
  • Understand it.
  • Prepare for it.
  • Manage it.
  • Benefit from it.

By harnessing the challenges of the future for our benefit, we will begin to position South Africa as the country to emulate one day. We have the people and resources we now need the leadership, vision, mission and practical plans with a track to run on. This book begins the process of putting in place a ‘How’ plan that harnesses the potential of all who are willing. This means exploiting much more of your potential, finding your purpose and growing your passion to achieve your optimum on your way to becoming future smart and future ready. At the same time positively impact the lives of many while helping to build communities where all have hope and scope.