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South Africa – Developing Our Collective Potential

3a Developing Our Collective Potential

With the announcement by the ILO – International Labour Organisation that South Africa’s unemployment will slip to 6th highest in the world by 2020, down from its current position as 8th highest, together with the downgrading of our economy by the rating agencies, there is no doubt that the next five years will be critical to secure our future.

One of the goals we should adopt to grow employment creation, is that of building ‘Cohesive’ communities, however we should proactively ensure that the meaning of this word stands for the following:


Caring: We should become much more of a caring society. In a dog eat dog world, we all stand to lose. This is not the legacy we want for our children in going forward.

Organised: We certainly should be much better organised as communities. For one thing, we could be much more resourceful. There are scary challenges facing South Africa for which we must become much more prepared and resilient.

Harmonious: We should all realize that we are part of a whole. Mutual respect must underscore out daily attitude. If something is wrong with one part, it will eventually affect the whole. As we grow our racial harmony for example, we will begin to sense the meaning of being South African and what our nation could achieve, as we build together.

Energized: We must become an energized people, confident and willing to take on any challenge that confronts us.

Strong: Knowing that our communities are growing in strength will surely give all the encouragement and motivation to keep on pursuing.

Inventive: We are an inventive people. Perhaps we could find solutions, not only for our country but also for our planet. Nothing is really impossible once we harness our thinking and put shoulders to the wheel.

Visionary: As we grow as a visionary people, ordinary people will suddenly realize that they are becoming extraordinary.

Enterprising: This we need on a large scale, so that we develop all to become their own job creators as a hedge against unemployment. We know that we are an enterprising people. We simply need ways to spark and support our young and new entrepreneurs as future job creators.


Perhaps a good place to start would be to adopt the following 5 ‘Power’ Principles for yourself and your organisation:


  1. Everyone matters and has great worth.
  2. Everyone must be enabled (empowered) to harness their God-given potential.
  3. Everyone must take responsibility for their own life.
  4. Everyone must become future smart and future ready.
  5. Everyone must be equipped and encouraged to pay it forward. Society before self.


In this way build the relationships you need for success in your life and your career/business while also being a role model and community leader who helps his or her community with new-found energy and enterprise. – Joe Cook


Joe Cook is an ex SA Navy communications trainer, turned businessman for a number of years, until finally adopting a business and social entrepreneur approach towards the challenges facing business and our communities. As a father and grandfather, Joe is determined to leave a legacy for the children and youth of South Africa. Joe is the founder of BBN – Building Bridges Nationwide and the BBN 5-Star Community Challenge plan. This plan has been launched as SAVision2020 – GOAL – PLAN – DEADLINE. The mission is to develop a business, public and youth partnership to make our communities effective centres of employment creation (5-Star Status) by December 2020. BBN’s SILT – Smart Impact Leadership Training develops the leadership to roll out the BBN Community Success Methodology (Plan) within our communities nationwide. Joe can be contacted via

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ACHIEVING THE SA LEGACY VISION of a Safe, High Employment and Prosperous South Africa begins with all of us, our families and communities, one in which all can be part of a definite solution. The challenges of the fast approaching future will mean that we must, as quickly as possible, learn to:

  • Embrace it.
  • Understand it.
  • Prepare for it.
  • Manage it.
  • Benefit from it.

By harnessing the challenges of the future for our benefit, we will begin to position South Africa as the country to emulate one day. We have the people and resources we now need the leadership, vision, mission and practical plans with a track to run on. This book begins the process of putting in place a ‘How’ plan that harnesses the potential of all who are willing. This means exploiting much more of your potential, finding your purpose and growing your passion to achieve your optimum on your way to becoming future smart and future ready. At the same time positively impact the lives of many while helping to build communities where all have hope and scope.