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Vision Beyond 2020

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The poem, South Africa Inspired Destiny, describes in verse that which we want South Africa to become. The Definite GOAL, Practical PLAN and Urgent DEADLINE has been developed to galvanise all South Africans to work together to make our communities Resilient, Resolute and Resourceful and ultimately achieve the BBN 5-Star Status for every community throughout South Africa.

It has been said that if you wish to get to the moon, aim for the stars. Taking into account the huge challenge we have as the 8th highest unemployment country in the world with the strong possibility that we will be slipping to the 6th highest, according to the ILO – International Labour Organisation, we at BBN see this as a national challenge that we dare not ignore. In naval parlance, this would mean All Hands on Deck!

Our dream is to see South Africa become the classroom for the planet for something that the whole world would greatly appreciate and respect us for. For this reason we have developed a number of successive phases to follow this initial one. They will be rolled out at the right time, as we achieve certain milestones. These phases are designed to capitalise on the traction and momentum that we achieve so that even more opportunities and possibilities are created that fuels increasing involvement and effort. Our ultimately goal is to achieve the legacy vision of a Safe, High Employment and Prosperous South Africa (SHEP SA) for all our people, in particular for our youth and future generations, one in which we can also claim that our communities are inclusive and cohesive. For us, the word ‘COHESIVE’ means Caring, Organised, Harmonious, Excellent, Strong, Inventive, Visionary and Enterprising. Dare we aim for anything less for South Africa?

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