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Practical Plan

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At BBN we firmly believe that the future success of business will increasingly be driven by a marketing strategy that is People, Planet and Prosperity focused, in that order. This is also known as the Triple Bottom Line. In this way business increasingly sees the community (market place) as their partners in business success. Our practical plan:

Future success and security will increasingly depend on a Business, Public and Youth Partnership, one that has purposeful leadership with a practical plan. In this respect our youth will be the focus and catalyst in achieving ongoing and sustainable success.

The BBN Community Success Plan equips all from young to senior to make a definite contribution that is essentially win-win that benefits all three essential stakeholders, business, public and our youth.

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Yes I Can

The Yes I Can – 5 Mountain Entrepreneur Development Programme has been developed by business to make entrepreneur for young people, fun, challenging, exciting but also practical. It is taught by business one hour a week, after school. Currently we focus on Grade 10 learners of limited resource community high schools.

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ENDORSEMENT: As a result of our three year partnership with the learners at the Sinenjongo High School, Joe Slovo Park, Milnerton, we received the following feedback: The level of self-esteem of the learners increased to the point where the matric pass rate went up from 27% to over 90% over the three year period. The learners are much more determined to do well in their studies. A number of learners on drugs have joined the programme. Furthermore, some of the learners started little businesses which has made a contribution to the income of their families. In this respect the BBN – Yes I Can Programme has made a definite contribution. Mrs. Napote, School Principal.

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