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Meeting the Deadline

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The difference between a goal and a dream is a deadline

The December 2020 Deadline for all our communities to achieve 5-Star Status may seem to some to be wishful thinking, however it was ex President Nelson Mandela who said ‘It always seems impossible until it is done’.  We have in South Africa the men and women and resources to make South Africa a truly great country. The next five years will be critical for the planet and for South Africa. Let us, here at the tip of Africa, be the gateway that will lead Africa and demonstrate to the world one day what an amazing nation we are. It would be better to have tried and failed than do nothing. At the very least we would have inspired our children with an example of leadership and determination that they could emulate. At BBN we are of the confident opinion that we will be amazing ourselves as the people we really are!


  1. It creates a commitment – a promise.
  2. Raises the level of urgency that leads to action.
  3. Leads to pressure to get the job done.
  4. Forces us to work efficiently (doing the thing right) and effectively (doing the right thing).
  5. Once achieve, it will give us great pride in our efforts and abilities.
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The years of asking questions and finding solutions has motivated us at BBN to keep on pursuing potential solutions. The positive response we have had to date has made us feel blessed and privileged to be part of this great awakening in South Africa to show the world what we are really made of and that we can stand together as one!

All the succeeding Phases (Phase 2 to 5) are in place to roll out so this is just the beginning. We trust you are excited and inspired for what we believe will be a history making journey.

ENDORSEMENT: I found BBN interesting, inspiring and exciting! I have absolutely no doubt that this kind of initiative is precisely what is needed for our country. Dr. Gerhard van Rensburg, author of “The Leadership Challenge in Africa” and “Thoughts on Leadership.”


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