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Facing the Challenges


OUR PLANET: Climate change, poverty, pollution, over population, health care, social injustice and growing unemployment, to mention just a few, are going to be more prominent as a trend in the future. Every business must become a social enterprise and embrace a higher purpose in order to conduct business, compete and relate to the changing customer.


OUR COUNTRY: Whatever happens to our planet will exacerbate South Africa’s situation where we already have challenges in a number of areas including:

  • Lack of purposeful leadership
  • Unemployment
  • The growing rich/poor gap
  • Crime
  • Culture of entitlement and dependency
  • Women and children abuse
  • Gradual decline of standards
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Food security
  • Moral decline
  • Corruption in many sectors of society

South Africa is the world’s biggest welfare state, which is not sustainable. Our education system also leaves a lot to be desired. The list is likely to grow to the point where it threatens our future and that of our children. We believe this is already the case. We need to act now, before it is too late.


OUR COMMUNITIES: The challenges facing South Africa in turn will have a significant impact on our communities. The rich/poor gap is highly evident as one travels through our country. This situation will become more challenging, at a growing momentum, in the years to come. We need to take heed of this and formulate a sustainable plan of action that involves all, focused on achieving definite results, results that build and leave a legacy for our children and posterity.


OUR FAMILIES: Family units are the building blocks of our communities, one wonders how ready are they to survive and even thrive in the growing changes that we face. We need to do whatever we can to ensure their ability to survive and perhaps even thrive on the opportunities that the future also holds. It is natural for parents to want their children to be happy and successful. But perhaps we should also help our children become resilient, resolute and resourceful to take up the challenges of continuous learning and preparedness as we advance into the future

At BBN we believe that the next five years must be used to good effect. We must as a people, become prepared and positioned to go above and beyond the challenges that will be coming our way at a growing momentum. Indeed become future smart and future ready to capitalise on the opportunities and maximise them for the good of South Africa as a whole. However, it does begin with you. Our BBNInfoActionPack e-Book is designed to help you make a positive start while being part of this important BBN SAVision2020 initiative.

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