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South Africa – Inspired Destiny

The purpose of BBN is to lead and develop a business, public and youth partnership to pro-actively build the bridges nationwide of hope and scope to achieve an Inspired Destiny for South Africa. Our years of work in developing, testing, perfecting, gaining acceptance and endorsements for our work, has meant that we now have in place an all-South African plan to make our communities centres of employment creation, in which all can play a role, young to senior.

According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), South Africa is the 8th highest unemployment country in the world and will slide to the 6th highest by 2020. The BBN Community Success Plan could not have arrived at a better time. We are now in the position to boldly claim that we have a Definite GOAL, Practical PLAN and an Urgent DEADLINE. The next five years is the window of opportunity for us as a nation to grab hold of our destiny, learn to embrace and shape our future as a demonstration of our resilience and resourcefulness to the world that we are a great nation and a great people.

At BBN – Building Bridges Nationwide

We believe that we must take up the challenge of unemployment as a matter of urgency. Fortunately, over a number of years we have been researching, developing, testing, perfecting and finally gaining acceptance and endorsements of an all-South African plan, one that now has a:



To build the bridges nationwide of hope and scope to achieve the legacy vision of a safe, high employment and prosperous South Africa (SHEP SA).


Future success and security will increasingly depend on a Business, Public and Youth Partnership, one that has purposeful leadership with a practical plan.


The December 2020 Deadline for all our communities to achieve 5-Star Status. We have in South Africa the men and women and resources to make South Africa a truly great country.


The founder of BBN and SAVision 2020 Joe Cook works together with a diverse & talented team of professionals to accomplish SA Vision 2020 goals and mission.
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It will become increasingly important for all South Africans to become informed as to the significant challenges we face, grow the level of concern to the point where there is a strong sense of urgency to do something directed towards achieving definite objectives, with a practical plan, that fuels the action required in which all can get involved, young to senior.

We believe we have such a plan which we have called the “BBN Community Success Plan or Methodology”. We invite you to participate at the level of your choice. In time we trust you will go even further and discover what it means to become the ‘Power of One’ and a significant person of influence.

ENDORSEMENT: I must admit that I found the concept of BBN revolutionary and daring but ingenious in its intent. Our subsequent meeting served to reinforce my preliminary view that the BBN Community Success Plan has tremendous potential to offer value to all the stakeholders (General Public, Business & the Youth) and therefore society at large. Louis Mukiraine CEO, Proficient Logic – Business Consultants

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