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Success Stories

BBN Endorsement 2


Addsure undergraduate scheme (learning to be a
managing agent). Next year we have committed Loyiso,
Siya and Banele (presently in matric) to the same
apprenticeship program. The intention is that they find
their way to becoming fully qualified Portfolio Managers
in Sectional Title within a year or 2 of leaving school. If
they get up to speed with ability, capability and enough
training and confidence, they could earn R10,000 per
month pretty early on and later form their own managing
agencies. I have also mustered NAMAs support for this by
way of a pilot program in the Western Cape which may
follow with an Educational Trust.
How does this affect BBN well, I think it’s fair to say that
these 4 candidates wouldn’t be this far if they hadn’t risen
to the top at BBN, showed their commitment and taught
themselves basic typing skills and done some further
training with us here at Addsure. Four successes as a
result of BBN. Perhaps in future, we can source some
more potentials from aspiring top students with potential
if they complete Mountain 3 possible for the 2015 year.

Another BBN M3 learner with matric (Wonga) has a good
job at cash converters Montagu gardens on the floor, full
time employed with a nice salary. Our friend (another
Cash Converters owner) tested him, was impressed, and
a branch took him on. Another successfully placed BBN
M3 student.

Mike Addison, CEO Addsure Sectional Title
Property Insurance.

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