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Global Entrepreneur Monitor Report

An alarmingly low level of entrepreneurial activity in spite of high unemployment Most recent data: 2014 South Africa’s rate of entrepreneurial activity is very low for a developing nation – a mere quarter of that seen in other sub-Saharan African countries. Unemployment is around 40% of the adult population; despite

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Blog 11 - Building Community Achieving Unity Graphic small


The strong focus of South Africans, especially in the next five years must be that of Building Community and in the process achieve Nationwide Unity. The danger, according to the ILO – International Labour Organisation is that South Africa will slip from its current position of 8th highest unemployment country

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Du Noon takes up the BBN 5-Star Challenge - 10 Feb 2016-page-001

Du Noon takes up the Challenge

Du Noon township has come to the fore. I was introduced to a young man by the name of Ernest Matsolo. Out of his own initiative, he calls at schools with the passion to tell learners to work hard and strive to become their best. He scored well on our

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Bellville South earns their 1st Star - 10 Feb 2016-page-001

Bellville South High takes up the Challenge

Bellville South High School has achieved their 1st Star in the race towards achieving 5-Star Status by December 2020. I would like to commend Dr Frances and Trevor Wessels and all the others that have assisted. They have demonstrated excellent initiative and action. Well done! They chose Track C –

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Blog 9 - WUSA Logo PS - small

It’s Time to WUSA

A new generation of South Africans are stepping to the fore Rolling up their sleeves and willing to take on whatever is in store   Our youth are being challenged as never before. On our watch it’s up to us to help them in every way to end strong We

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Nation with a Big Heart


South Africa is an amazing country. We have within our borders all the people, potential, capacity, strength and resources to shape our future that would leave a legacy second to none. We could one day be considered a country that became future smart, developed the leadership and action plan to

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Goal Plan Deadline


GOAL – PLAN – DEADLINE. For any undertaking be it your career, a project, a business or even a country to succeed, it must have a Goal, Plan and a Deadline for successful achievement in the shortest possible time. The GOAL: Establishing a goal is the consequence of careful thought

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