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At BBN our focus is on our youth and the legacy they will inherit one day. Our business, public and partnership plan is to build that legacy not simply for our youth but rather with our youth. Although the world has changed significantly in recent years, older generations have much to share with our youth. There are mistakes that older generations have made which the younger generations would be wise to avoid. At the start of the Yes I Can – 5 Mountain Program, we challenge our youth in terms of three tracks which we call the ‘ABC Tracks of Life’. Track ‘A’ is Attractive but Aimless; Track ‘B’ – Bountiful but Barren and Track ‘C’ – Challenging but Correct. We explain the scenarios of each track to the Grade 10 learners and challenge them as to which track they will choose for their life. From our experience the choice of track ‘C’ will give them the critical experience and wisdom upfront, that they will need to begin making the best choices for their lives, at the young age of 16. The Yes I Can Programme then sets them on a path towards self-discovery, where they receive, in a structured way, years of practical experience so that they achieve mountain 3, an important milestone for their lives. This makes the critical difference for their future success and the achievement of their dreams.

Positive Endorsement: At the Sinenjongo High School, Joe Slovo Park, Milnerton, the principal gave the following feedback: The level of self-esteem of the learners in the programme increased to the point where the matric pass rose from 27% to over 90% in the first three years. These learners are much more determined to do well in their studies. A number of learners on drugs have joined the programme. Furthermore, some of the learners started small entrepreneur projects which augmented the income of their families. Mrs. Napote, School Principal.

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