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BBN Ambassadors Villiersdorp W. Cape - 15 Mar 2016 small

BBN Ambassador Workshop

Congratulations to our 3 new delegates from Villiersdorp who have completed their ‘Challenge Champions’, ‘Entrepreneurship in a Hurry’ and the ‘Yes I Can – Mountain ‘ workshops and have earned the first star for their community.

Preliminary Feedback from our Villiersdorp Delegates

Challenge Champion Workshop:
This workshop was very interesting and fruitful. I am very eager and excited to become involved and part of the BBN family. I am very passionate about my community and would love to get this training into my community so that all can benefit. Jennifer McKenzie

Excellent material and I am excited about the road ahead. I cannot wait to start BBN in Villiersdorp. We need this Smart Impact Leadership Training in Villiersdorp to harness much more of the potential of our people and our town. Maritza Welmans

Entrepreneurship in a Hurry! Workshop:
Wow, wonderful information. Wish I knew this earlier in my life. Entrepreneurship in a Hurry! is an outstanding workshop. There is a huge need for entrepreneurs in our community. This workshop has the tools to encourage many more to become entrepreneurs. Jennifer McKenzie

I found this workshop very interesting. It will definitely give me a boost in my own sales technique and a strong push towards success. I am excited about future programs BBN has planned. Maritza Welmans

The ‘Yes I Can’ Workshop:
This will be outstanding for our youth and they will benefit greatly from this practical initiative taught by experienced businessmen and women. Thanks again for a wonderful opportunity, I really feel enlightened and ignited with all the knowledge I gained yesterday I am very blessed and privileged to be part of the BBN family.

This is a brilliant program for our youth in Villiersdorp. Maritza Welmans

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