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It’s Time to WUSA

A new generation of South Africans are stepping to the fore

Rolling up their sleeves and willing to take on whatever is in store


Our youth are being challenged as never before. On our watch it’s up to us to help them in every way to end strong

We know the past we see the future, with focused effort this is surely a worthwhile cause to focus on


Low job creation results in more poverty, a nation destroying situation

The only way to take on this challenge is with a practical plan supported by a unified nation


South Africa has become the world’s biggest welfare state

Left unchallenged we will create our own poverty mandate


Effective leadership will only work when critical areas are mastered

A legacy vision, action mission and practical plans, tested and accepted, this is what we’ve started


Many years ago we focused on achieving South Africa’s destiny

One that would grow a nation of people who take hands in unity


Our vision of a South Africa, safe, high employment and prosperous sounds grand

But it’s something worth striving towards and greatly desire for our beautiful land


We have taken on the challenge of building bridges nationwide, bridges of hope and scope with men and women who see the vision and the plan and say to themselves ‘Yes I Can’!


Our plans are laid and progress made to leave a legacy

We will not flag nor falter until we are all there, you and you and you and you and you and me


South Africa has a destiny way beyond its size

How wise we think and big we believe will determine our rate of rise


The choices are clear; submit as prisoners of our fears

Or take on the challenges as new South African pioneers


Two scenarios will determine the future of our nation.

Not that of the wolves but that of the shepherds must be our desired destination


The high level of unawareness and complacency amongst all South Africans must now be overcome

So that all are informed, understand the challenges and are in step with what must be done


We have never run away from challenges as a nation

However, securing our future will demand a special kind of mobilisation


WUSA is our war cry at this time

It stands for Wake Up South Africa it’s our time to shine


The clarion call has gone out to South Africans across the land

Join this great adventure as we grow this glorious band


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world,

Indeed it is the only thing that ever has – Margaret Mead.

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